AHIA Services

Family/Survivor Support and Education

  • Organize regular meetings and speakers to provide information and support for survivors of brain injury and their families
  • Distribute informational pamphlets and brochures
  • Disseminate resource information in the AHIA newsletter
  • Assemble complete listing of local brain-injury rehabilitation facilities
  • Maintain comprehensive brain injury resource library
  • Visit survivors and family members in hospitals to provide timely information and support


  • Promote safety campaigns to increase public awareness
  • Support legislation related to prevention and highway safety to reduce the occurrence of head injuries and fatalities
  • Develop local activities relating to brain injury prevention in schools
  • Participate in community health fairs to increase people’s knowledge about brain injury

Public Awareness

  • Publish and distribute newsletters, brochures and informational pamphlets
  • Coordinate speaker’s bureau for community groups, schools, and businesses
  • Participate in interviews and provide information to local media


  • Advocate for recognition of the problems of traumatic brain injury and the unique needs of those who have sustained brain injury
  • Keep membership aware of legislative matters of concern to the brain injured population and stimulate proactive legislative action at the grassroots level
  • Social and Recreational Activities
  • Encourage survivor-directed meetings, speakers, and community outings
  • Financially support survivor social and recreational activities
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